Sunday, October 02, 2005

BOOK REVIEW - Flush by Carl Hiaasen

Hiaasen, Carl. Flush. New York : Alfred A. Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 2005.
YA Hiaasen.

Flush is Hiaasen's second young adult novel -- both of which deal with kids becoming activists through struggles against corporate greed and environmental destruction in their Florida locale.

I was mesmerized by Hiaasen's first novel, Hoot, because of his use of Florida scenery and young characters who refused to give up in their search for justice. Flush uses a lot of the same elements - Florida scenery, young adult activists -- but I felt as though this novel was more predictable. There was an overabundance of foreshadowing, which made the ending somewhat less than desireable.

Still, the plot is amazing. Noah's father is an activist, and when the story opens, the reader finds him in jail for sinking a casino boat that's been polluting the surrounding waters. Unfortunately, in jail, Noah's father can't fight his cause as well as he can on the outside. So Noah and his little sister Abbey take matters into their own hand, and devise a plan to give the polluters what the deserve.

To Hiaasen's credit, this book is suspenseful at times. After all, fighting environmental crime can be a dangerous occupation -- especially for two young adults. Flush is quite a page-turner, and I still remain a loyal Hiaasen fan!

For those readers who have never read a Hiaasen book before, PLEASE pick this up at the library -- you won't regret it!


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