Monday, September 19, 2005

BOOK REVIEW - Speaker For the Dead by Orson Scott Card

Card, Orson Scott. Speaker for the Dead. New York, NY : A Tor Book, c1986.

First and foremost, Hello again everyone! College=Good, and I just finished re-reading Speaker for the Dead, and thought I would post a review.

So... On to that review-y thing-y.

Speaker for the Dead is technically a sequal to Ender's Game, Card's first novel. While I personally love Ender's Game, it is less uniqe and stands out less from the SciFi crowd than Speaker. Also, Speaker takes place thousands of years later.... so....yeah.
The novel begins fairly slowly, and starts as very much a SciFi novel - but after the first couple of chapters, it becomes quite the page turner. It is a mystery and a character novel and a cautionary tale all rolled up into one big SciFi package.
In other words, definitely a book worth reading even if - especially if - you aren't a fan of SciFi. Actually, this book could open your eyes to the good SciFi that's out there (buried as it is underneth space opera Timothy Zahn crap (...I know, I read his books too, and they were fun... but crap)). You don't need to read Ender's Game to understand Speaker or to like it, although I just realized that my screen-name gives away my opinion of the whole series.

I guess it is important to note that Card's novels center around beliefs, decisions, and interaction. These are the threads that bind his works together despite their differences - Because, again, the sequal to Speaker, Xenocide, takes a different turn. There is much more metaphysical speculation amidst the mad dash for survival.

Anywho... read the series, but especially Speaker for the Dead. In my opinion, it's the best of a good lot.


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