Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

MOVIE REVIEW - Dirk Pitt Saves the World...Again. (Stolen from a book review from somewhere long, long ago...)

You want a movie with a deep message? A movie that makes you ponder about the greater meaning of life and the intricacies of human behavior?
Then you shouldn’t see Sahara.
Now, understand that I’m the last person to badmouth this movie (as I’ve been a Dirk Pitt Franchise fan since just about forever) but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. This movie is wonderfully unashamed of it’s roots in the Ripping Yarn™ genre, and makes no effort to tone down what made the books so popular: the seat of your pants ‘oh how could it possibly get any worse…oh look here come the tanks’. Everything is a matter of life and death, and if Dirk and Al don’t win, then the whole world will eventually spin into a spiral of death and disease. Yeah, I mean everything.
For a fan of the books, this movie made me very happy. It was very close to the general feeling, although I must say the casting choices for Rudi Gunn and Al Giordano could have been better. But the movie clearly highlighted some of the tings that made the books so much fun to read, like the close, almost-married relationship of Dirk and Al. They’ve been a team since roughly kindergarten, and this movie does a very good job of showing that, with the bickering and the jokes and just the simple fact that either of them would throw themselves into a hail of bullets to save the other one…and then mock him for it for the rest of his life. There was also some stuff that was thrown in there just to make geeks like me happy, like the signature Doxa dive watch that Dirk always had, or Dirk’s complete fascination with classic cars, which he collects, like Clive Cussler himself. And Dirk’s bright green eyes, which make endless rows of fans wibble and drool. Or maybe that was just me. This inclusion of the little things may have been helped by Matthew McConaughey himself being a huge fan of the books (which this reviewer found out while she was writing this from This caused said reviewer to freak out in a very unbecoming fashion, because we all know how much better it is when the actor/actress knows who they‘re playing) . This, by the way, brings up the average of this review from about 8 to a 40587385765, just because it’s always better when you have a fan playing the role. Each and every character did a smashup job, and I have the dialoge was snappy and amusing thoughout the whold thing. The serious lines may have fallen a bit flat, but it wasn't bad enough to make you run out of the theater with your ears bleeding, so hey. And each and every thing that I notice was different from the book had a good reason for being so, so it was forgiven.
Ok, I’m going to cut off the babble here. But I have to say, if you like action movies with lots of explosions and guns and other things like that, you should go see this movie if you have some free time. Don’t rush out if you’re not a hopeless fan, but there are worse ways to spend you money.
And if you are a hopeless fan, well, the you’ve already seen it haven’t you?! That’s what I thought.

All in all, I'd say for a book->movie, it gets a 9.5, for a movie on a whole it gets a 7.5.

PS: I’d recommend the Dirk Pitt series to anyone who wants an easy, engaging story to read. It’s a perfect book for a rainy day, or a book to pick up at an airport bookshop.