Saturday, March 12, 2005

BOOK REVIEW - Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

Hiaasen, Carl. Hoot. New York : Knopf, c2002.
J Hiaasen & YA Hiaasen.

I decided to read this book as part of the Read Together, Florida literacy initiative, but as soon as I started Carl Hiaasen's first young adult novel, there was no stopping me! The plot of the book revolves around burrows of miniature owls, a large corporation bent on "developing" the nesting ground, and the kids who've made it their mission to save the endangered birds.

I could relate to the strong pro-environment, anti-development theme of the book, and was attracted also by Hiaasen's extensive knowledge of Florida's natural settings. Roy, one of the protagonists of the novel, was also a great draw for me, being that we are both recent transplants to the state of Florida.

Though this is the first novel I've read by Hiaasen (a Florida resident and native), it certainly won't be the last. I sat on the edge of my chair "hooting" for the owls, hoping that somehow a small group of young people would be able to overcome the money and power of a large corporation.


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